Base Soccer

Quality of service

We provide the highest quality agency service in order to maximise your earning potential for the duration of your playing career and beyond.

With an industry-leading team of experienced Intermediaries and dedicated client management staff, we ensure that we can fulfil your needs and secure the very best for you.

Our team of registered intermediaries

Base Soccer listens to you and works hard to give you the best advice. Our team of FA Registered Intermediaries, Football Consultants and Operations support staff in the UK and worldwide, ensure that no matter where you are your career is taken care of both on and off the pitch.



Established in 1997, Base Soccer continues to grow in stature as our client base expands annually. Our head office is in Soho in the heart of London’s West End.


Outside of the UK, our worldwide network of contacts and partners offers a professional, comprehensive service to all its clients.